6th NASA Goddard Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies
15th IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems

March 23-26, 1998
College Park, MA

Sponsored by the
Mass Storage Systems Technical Committee (MSSTC)
in cooperation with the
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
IEEE Computer Society

Program Committee



Vendor Information

Papers and Presentations

Morning Tutorials
Chair, Sam Coleman, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Shared File Systems and Fibre Channel
Matthew T. O'Keefe, University of Minnesota (paper)
Protecting File Systems: A Survey of Backup Techniques
Ann L. Chervenak, Vivekanand Vellanki, Zachary Kurmas, Georgia Tech (paper)
Afternoon Tutorials
Chair, Ben Kobler, NASA GoddardSpace Flight Center
Data Management for Massive Data Mining: A Tutorial Introduction
Robert Grossman, Magnify, Inc. and University of Illinois at Chicago
The Dynamics of Obsolescence and the Challenges of Legacy Data Storage
Gordon E. MacKinnon, DataSure Services (paper)
Chairs, Ben Kobler, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Sam Coleman, Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Entertainment, Storage, and Balance
Wook, Digital Domain
Architecture 1
Chair, Ethan Miller, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
The Design and Performance of a Shared Disk File System for IRIX
Steven R. Soltis, Grant M. Erickson, Kenneth W. Preslan, Matthew T. O'Keefe, Thomas M. Ruwart, University of Minnesota (paper)
HPSS/DFS: Integration of a Distributed File System with a Mass Storage System
Rajesh Agarwalla, Madhu Chetuparambil, Craig Everhart, Niranjan N. Thirumale, Transarc Corporation, Rena Haynes, Hilary Jones, Sandia National Laboratories, Donna Mecozzi, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Bart Parliman, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Jean Pehkonen, IBM Software Group, Richard Ruef, Benny Wilbanks, IBM Worldwide Government Industries, Vicky White, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (paper)
A Method to Share Data between Compute Clients with Network Attached Storage: Implementation, Operation, and Performance Results
Ken Fallen, Bill Bullers, Impactdata (paper)
Tape Optimization
Chair, Jim Ohler, Department of Defense
Towards Improved Tape Storage and Retrieval Response Time
John J. Gniewek, IBM Corporation (paper)
Benchmarking Tape System Performance
Theodore Johnson, AT&T Labs - Research, Ethan L. Miller, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (paper)
Scheduling Non-Contiguous Tape Retrievals
Bruce K. Hillyer, Avi Silberschatz, Bell Laboratories (paper)
New Technology
Chair, P C Hariharan, System Engineering and Security
TeraStor's Near-Field Recording Technology
Gordon Knight, TeraStor Corporation (paper)
Charged Particle Technology for Ultra High Density Data Storage
Andrew H. Bartlett, Homi Fatemi, Marc H. Eberle, Norsam Technologies (paper)
2 Minute (Poster) Madness
Chair, Fynnette Eaton, Office of Smithsonian Institution Archives
Analytic Performance Models of Robotic Storage Libraries: Status Update
Theodore Johnson, A T & T Labs - Research (paper)
Monitoring the Life Expectancy of Compact Discs
Basil Manns, Library of Congress (paper)
Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)
Trish Terry, PDC Software
On Configuring Hierarchical Storage Structures
Ali Esmail Dashti, Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, University of Southern California (paper)
The Berkeley-San Francisco Fine Arts Image Database
Nisha Talagala, Satoshi Asami, David Patterson, University of California at Berkeley, Bob Futernick, Dakin Hart, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (paper)
Eliminating the I/O Bottleneck in Large Web Caches
Alex Rousskov, Valery Soloviev, North Dakota State University (paper)
Building and Managing High Performance, Scalable, Commodity Mass Storage Systems
John Lekashman, NASA Ames Research Center (paper)
The Designs of RAID with XOR Engines on Disks for Mass Storage Systems
Tai-Sheng Chang, Sangyup Shim, David H.C. Du, University of Minnesota (paper)
Optimization Configuration for Hierarchical Storage Based Continuous Media Server
Youjip Won, Intel Corporation, Jaideep Srivastava, Zhi-Li Zhang, University of Minnesota (paper)
The Mass Storage Testing Laboratory at GSFC
Ravi Venkataraman, Joel Williams, David Michaud, P C Hariharan, Systems Engineering and Security Inc., Ben Kobler, Jeanne Behnke, Bernard Peavey, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (paper)
EUROSTORE - a European Mass Storage Management Project
Martin Gasthuber, Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron ,DESY, Germany (paper)
Transparent Continuous Access to Infinite Data: A New Vision for Enterprise Data Management
Don Banks, Christina Mercier, Auspex Systems (paper)
Third and Fourth Generation Mass Storage Systems
Alan Poston, NASA Ames Research Center
Performance 1
Chair, Bruce Rosen, National Institute of Standards and Technology
A Scalability Model for ECS's Data Server
Daniel A. Menasce, George Mason University, Mukesh Singhal Ohio State University (paper)
A Study on the Use of Tertiary Storage in Multimedia Systems
Leana Golubchik, University of Maryland, Raj Kumar Rajendran, Columbia University (paper)
SLEDs: Storage Latency Estimation Descriptors
Rodney Van Meter, USC/Information Sciences Institute (paper)
Invited Panel: Scalable Storage for the future,NT, UNIX, MVS, or ...?
Chairs, P C Hariharan, Systems Engineering and Security, Ethan Miller, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Felipe Cabrera, Microsoft

Steve Fessler, IBM

Windows NT Clustered Storage Solutions for Enterprise Computing
Richard Lee, Data Storage Technologies, Inc. (paper)

Geoff Peck , Quantum

Paul Rutherford, EMASS, Inc.

Wook, Digital Domain
Architecture 2
Chair, Rodney VanMeter, Quantum Corporation
An Architecture for Using Tertiary Storage in a Data Warehouse
Theodore Johnson A T & T Labs - Research (paper)
On the Design and Implementation of the Multidimensional CubeStore Storage Manager
Wolfgang Lehner, Wolfgang Sporer, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany (paper)
Petabyte File Systems Based on Tertiary Storage
Marc J. Teller, Paul G. Rutherford, EMASS, Inc. (paper)
Chair, Don Sawyer, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Internet Protocols for Network-Attached Peripherals
Steve Hotz, Rodney Van Meter, Greg Finn, USC/Information Sciences Institute (paper)
Experiences with Open Vault, A Prototype Implementation of a Standards Effort
Curtis Anderson, Silicon Graphics (paper)
Media Error Monitoring and Reporting Information (MEMRI) - An Emerging Standard to Determine Optical Tape Data Integrity
Fernando Podio, National Institute of Standards and Technology, William Vollrath, LOTS Technology, Joel Williams, Systems Engineering and Security, Ben Kobler, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Don Crouse, LSC Inc. (paper)
Invited Dinner Speaker
Digital Television and the Future of Mass Storage
Mark Gray, CEO, Chairman of the Board, Founder, Pluto Technologies
Performance 2
Chair, Jean-JacquesBedet, Hughes STX
Evaluating RAID in the Real World
Ian Bird, Rita Chambers, Mark Davis, Andy Kowalski, Bob Lukens, Sandy Philpott, Roy Whitney, SURA/Jefferson Lab (paper)
Long Term File Activity Patterns in a UNIX Workstation Environment
Timothy Gibson, Ethan Miller, University of Maryland Baltimore County (paper)
Performance Tuning of a High Capacity/High Performance Archive for the Earth Observing Systems Project
Alla Lake, Lockheed Martin (paper)
Site Reports
Chair, Bill Callicott, Consultant
Building a Database for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC): the Exabyte Challenge
Jamie Shiers, CERN, Switzerland (paper)
A Data Handling Architecture for a Prototype Federal Application
Chaitanya K. Baru, Reagan W. Moore, Arcot Rajasekar, Wayne Schroeder, Michael Wan, San Diego Supercomputer Center, Richard L. Klobuchar, David M. Wade, Science Applications International Corp., Randall K. Sharpe, Jeff Terstriep, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (paper)
Scientific Data Archive at the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
Daniel R. Adams, David M. Hansen, Kevin G. Walker, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, John D. Gash, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (paper)
Vendor Solutions
John Berbert, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Using Track-Following Servo Technology in Fujitsu Tape Drives
Randy Glissman, Fujitsu Computer Products of America)
The Effect of New Tape Drive Technology on Data Management
Fred Rybczynski, Storage Technology Corporation
Virtual Storage Manager
Stephen H. Blendermann, Dennis F. Reed, Storage Technology Corporation (paper)
From Double- to Quad-Density on DST
Tracy G. Wood, Ampex Data Systems Corporation
Petabyte Mass Memory System using the Newell Opticel - Part 2
Chester W. Newell, Primelink Technologies, Inc.
Network Attached Storage - A New Performance Paradigm
Bill Moren, Ciprico, Inc.

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