5th NASA Goddard Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies

September 17-19, 1996
College Park, MA

Sponsored by the
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Program Committee

Participant List



Derived Virtual Devices: A Secure Distributed File System Mechanism
Rodney Van Meter, Steve, Hotz, and Gregory Finn, University of Southern Californi
Cooperative, High-Performance Storage in the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative
Mark Gary, Barry Howard, Steve Louis, Kim Minuzzo, and Mark Seager, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
An MPI-IO Interface to HPSS1
Terry Jones, Richard Mark, Jeanne Martin, John May, Elsie Pierce, and Linda Stanberry, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
A Proposed Application Programming Interface for a Physical Volume Repository
Merritt Jones, MITRE Corporation; Joel Williams, Systems Engineering and Security; and Richard Wrenn, Digital Equipment Corporation
A Global Distributed Storage Architecture
Dr. Nemo M. Lionikis and Michael F. Shields, Department of Defense
Petabyte Class Storage at Jefferson Lab (CEBAF)
Rita Chambers and Mark Davis, Jefferson Lab Computer Center
DKRZ Workload Analysis
Hartmut Fichtel, Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH
A New Generic Indexing Technology
Michael Freeston, CCSE/Alexandria, University of California
Advanced Optical Disk Storage Technology
Fred N. Haritatos, Rome Laboratory
Is the Bang Worth the Buck? A RAID Performance Study
Susan E. Hauser, Lewis E. Berman, and George R. Thoma, National Library of Medicine
The Medium is NOT the Message OR Indefinitely Long-Term File Storage at Leeds University
David Holdsworth, Leeds University
Analysis of the Access Patterns at GSFC Distributed Active Archive Center
Theodore Johnson, University of Florida; Jean-Jacques Bedet, Hughes STX Corporation
A Media Maniac's Guide to Removable Mass Storage Media
Linda S. Kempster, IIT Research Institute
Metadata and Mass Storage
Richard R. Lee, Data Storage Technologies, Inc.
The Cornerstone for Data Warehousing for Government Applications
Doug Kenbeck and Jack Rothschild, EMC Corporation
Incorporating Oracle On-Line Space Management with Long-Term Archival Technology
Steven M. Moran and Victor J. Zak, Oracle Corporation
Design and Implementation of Scalable Tape Archiver
Toshihiro Nemoto, Masaru Kitsuregawa, and Mikio Takagi, University of Tokyo
Long-Term Archiving and Data Access: Modelling and Standardization
Claude Huc, Thierry Levoir, and Michel Nonon-Latapie, French Space Agency
Automated Clustering-Based Workload Characterization
Odysseas I. Pentakalos, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Daniel A. Menasce, George Mason University; Yelena Yesha, University of Maryland
Digital Optical Tape: Technology and Standardization Issues
Fernando L. Podio, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Storage and Network Bandwidth Requirements Through the Year 2000 for the NASA Center for Computational Sciences
Ellen Salmon, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NASDA's Earth Observation Satellite Data Archive Policy for the Earth Observation Data and Information System (EOIS)
Shin-ichi Sobue, Osamu Ochiai, and Fumiyoshi Yoshida, NASDA EOC
Progress in Defining a Standard for File-Level Metadata
Joel Williams, Systems Engineering and Security; Ben Kobler, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Development of Secondary Archive System at Goddard Space Flight Center Version 0 Distributed Active Archive Center
Mark Sherman, John Kodis, Jean-Jacques Bedet, and Chris Walker, Hughes STX; Joanne Woytek and Chris Lyons, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
The Global File System
Steven R. Soltis, Thomas M. Ruwart, and Matthew T. O'Keefe, University of Minnesota
Distributed Large-Data Object Environments: End-to-End Performance Analysis of High Speed Distributed Storage Systems in Wide Area ATM Networks
William Johnston, Brian Tierney, Jason Lee, Gary Hoo, and Mary Thompson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Understanding Customer Dissatisfaction with Underutilized Distributed File Servers
Erik Riedel and Garth Gibson, Carnegie Mellon University
Mass Storage and Retrieval at Rome Laboratory
Joshua L. Kann; Brady W. Canfield, Capt, USAF; Albert A. Jamberdino; Bernard J. Clarke, Capt, USAF; Ed Daniszewski; and Gary Sunada, Lt.,USAF, Rome Laboratory
Durable High-Density Data Storage
Bruce C. Lamartine and Roger A. Stutz, Los Alamos National Laboratory
A Note on Interfacing Object Warehouses and Mass Storage Systems for Data Mining Applications
Robert L. Grossman, Magnify, Inc., University of Illinois at Chicago, Dave Northcutt, Magnify, Inc.
Towards the Interoperability of Web, Database, and Mass Storage Technologies for Petabyte Archives
Reagan Moore, Richard Marciano, Michael Wan, Tom Sherwin, Richard Frost, San Diego Supercomputer Center
The challenges Facing Science Data Archiving on Current Mass Storage Systems
Bernard Peavey and Jeanne Behnke, Goddard Space Flight Center
Processing Satellite Images on Tertiary Storage: A Study of the Impact of Tile Size on Performance
JieBing Yu and David J. Dewitt, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Optimizing Input/Output Using Adaptive File System Policies
Tara M. Madhyasta, Christopher L. Elford, and Daniel A. Reed, University of Illinois
Towards Scalable Benchmarks for Mass Storage Systems
Ethan L. Miller, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Queuing Models of Tertiary Storage
Theodore Johnson, University of Florida
A Closer Look at the Significance of Reliability Specification
Fred Rybczynski, Storage Technology Corporation
Progress Toward Demonstrating a High-Performance Optical Tape Recording Technology
W. S. Oakley, LOTS Technology, Inc.
RAID Disk Arrays for High Bandwidth Applications
Bill Moren, Ciprico, Inc.
RAID Unbound: Storage Fault Tolerance in a Distributed Environment
Brian Ritchie, Alphatronix, Incorporated
SAM-FS-- LSC's New Solaris-Based Storage Management Product
Kent Angell, LSC, Inc.
Use of HSM with Relational Databases
Randall Bredeen, John Burgess, and Dan Higdon, FileTek, Incorporated
RAID-S Technical Overview: RAID 4 and 5-Compliant Hardware and Software Functionality Improves Data Availability Through Use of XOR-Capable Disks in an Integrated Cached Disk Array
Brett Quinn, EMC Corporation
Large Format Multifunction 2-Terabyte Optical Disk Storage System
David R. Kaiser, Charles F. Brucker, Edward C. Gage, T.K. Hatwar, George O. Simmons, Eastman Kodak Co.

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