IEEE Computer Society

16th IEEE Mass Storage Systems Symposium
7th NASA Goddard Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies

March 15-18, 1999
San Diego, CA

Sponsored by the
Mass Storage Systems Technical Committee (MSSTC)
in cooperation with the
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Information-based Access to Storage:
The Foundation of Information Systems

Information is an essential component of the world's economy, and the control and delivery of information is critical to the success of companies. The amount of information that is now being managed requires advanced mass storage systems that are tightly integrated with information management systems. The scale of data collections is growing from terabytes to petabytes, with the number of managed objects growing from millions to billions.

The integration of archival storage systems into databases and digital libraries has started. The 16th IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage and Seventh NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Conference on Mass Storage will focus on the storage issues surrounding the integration of archives into information management systems.

Conference Committee

Ann Kerr Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Conference Chair
Ben Kobler NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Conference Co-chair
Reagan Moore NPACI/SDSC, Program Committee Chair

Call for Papers



Papers and Presentations

Chair, Ann Kerr
High-End Computing and Society
Andrew B. White Jr., Director, Delphi Project, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Data Management Architecture Components
Chair, Sam Coleman, LLNL retired
Massive-Scale Data Management using Standards-Based Solutions
Jamie Shiers, CERN
Performance Characteristics of Large and Long Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loops
Thomas Ruwart, University of Minnesota
A New File System Architecture for Network Attached Disks
Jonathan Brassow, Grant Erickson, Erling Nygaard, Kenneth Preslan, Christopher Sabol, David Teigland, Matthew O'Keefe, University of Minnesota
Storage System Applications
Chair, P C Hariharan, SES Inc.
Design of Storage Management System
Bill Olsen, Gail Phipps, TRW
The NOAA Virtual Data System: Improving Access to and Management of Federal Environmental Data
John Kinsfather, Mark McClay, NOAA
Satellite Imagery Archive System and its Usage Analysis at IIS, University of Tokyo
Toshihro Nemoto, Masaru Kitsuregawa, University of Tokyo
Striping Across Media
Chair, Jean-Jacques Bedet, Raytheon STX
Tape Group Parity Protection
Theodore Johnson, AT&T Labs, Sunil Prabhakar, Purdue University
Redundant Optical Storage System Using DVD-RAM Library
Takaya Tanabe, Makoto Takayanagi, Hidetoshi Tatemichi, Tetsuya Ura, Manabu Yamamoto, NTT Integrated Information and Energy Systems Laboratories
Adaptive Disk Striping for Parallel Input/Output
Huseyin Simitci, Daniel Reed, University of Illinois
Two-minute Poster Madness
Chair, Ethan Miller, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Proposed SCSI Device Locks, Version 0.9.3
Matthew O'Keefe, Kenneth Preslan, Christopher Sabol, Steven Soltis, University of Minnesota
Designing a Self-Maintaining Storage System
Satoshi Asami, Nisha Talagala, David Patterson, University of California, Berkeley
Finding Coincident Data from Satellites
John Berbert, GSFC; Ted Willard, Lou Reich, Joan Dunham, Sergey Nikhinson, Computer Sciences Corporation
Some Parameters in the Design of Streaming Tape Drives
Av Chinnaswamy, Quantum Corporation
Clustered Multi-media NOD: Popularity-based Article Prefetching and Placement
K.O, Jung, T.W. Choi, Y.K. Kang, S.H. Park, Ki-Dong Chung, Y.J. Kim, Pusan National University, Korea
Performance Benchmark Results for Automated Tape Library High Retrieval Rate Applications - Digital Check Image Retrievals
John Gniewek, George Davidson, Bowen Caldwell, IBM
Hiding HSM Systems from the User
Hartmut Reuter, RZG
Usage Patterns of a Web-Based Image Collection
Nisha Talagala, Satoshi Asami, David Patterson, University of California, Berkeley
Invited Papers
Chair, Ben Kobler, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NSIC Magnetic Tape Systems and Technology Roadmap
Jim Bain, Data Storage Systems Center, Carnegie Mellon University
NIMA's Very Large Digital Libraries
Joseph Stocks, National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Modelling Storage Systems
Chair, Rodney Van Meter, Quantum Corporation
Analysis of HPSS Performance Based on Per-file Transfer Logs
Wayne Schroeder, Richard Marciano, Joe Lopez, Mike Gleicher, George Kremenek, Chaitanya Baru, Reagan Moore, NPACI/San Diego Supercomputer Center
Low-Cost Access Time Model for a Serpentine Tape Drive
Olav Sandstaa, Roger Midtstraum, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Improved Adaptive Replacement Algorithm for Disk-Caches in HSM Systems
Ulrich Hahn, Werner Dilling, Dietmar Kaletta, University Tubingen
Storage Systems - Architecture and Performance
Chair, Merritt Jones, MITRE
Eurostore - Initial Design and First Results
Duncan Roweth, Patrick Fuhrmann, Martin Gasthuber, DESY
HPSS at Los Alamos: Experiences and Analysis
Per Lysne, Gary Lee, Lynn Jones, Mark Roschke, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Configuring and Tuning Archival Storage Systems
Michael Gleicher, Gleicher Enterprises, LLC, Reagan Moore, Joe Lopez, Charles Lofton, Wayne Schroeder, George Kremenek, NPACI/San Diego Supercomputer Center
Database/Archive Integration
Chair, Reagan Moore, NPACI/San Diego Supercomputer Center
Pursuit of a Scalable High Performance Multi-Petabyte Database
Andrew Hanushevsky, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Marcia Nowark, CERN
Collection-Based Persistent Archives
Arcot Rajasekar, Richard Marciano, Reagan Moore, NPACI/San Diego Supercomputer Center
Managing Databases with Binary Large Objects
Michael Shapiro, Ethan Miller, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Vendor Presentations
Chair, Paul Rutherford, ADIC
Compaq Enterprise Backup Solution (CEBS): An Architectural Perspective
Gene Freeman, Compaq
An Analysis of the Relationships Between Command Network Activity and Data Transfer Performance in a Storage Area Network-based File System using 3rd Party Data Transfer Mechanisms
Robert Farkaly
CentraVision File System
Peter Lawthers, Prestant Technology, Inc.
Leveraging the Intelligent Storage Infrastructure for National Data Consolidation, Distribution and Sharing
Scott Sherman, EMC
Celestra Architecture for Serverless Backups
Don Trimmer
Digital Asset Management
Frank Jones

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