8th NASA Goddard Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies
17th IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems

March 27-30, 2000
College Park, MA

Sponsored by the
Mass Storage Systems Technical Committee (MSSTC)
in cooperation with the
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
IEEE Computer Society

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Papers and Presentation

Disk Subsystem Performance Evaluation: From Disk Drives to Storage Area Networks
Thomas M. Ruwart, University of Minnesota (paper)
I/O and Storage Tuning: An Introduction to I/O and Storage Tuning Tips and Techniques
Randy Kreiser, Silicon Graphics, Inc. (paper)
Accelerated Aging Studies and the Prediction of the Archival Lifetime of Optical Disk Media
David E. Nikles, John M. Wiest, The University of Alabama (paper)
CXFS: A General Purpose Cluster File System
Brian Gaffey, SGI
Functionality and Performance Evaluation of File Systems forStorage Area Networks (SAN)
Martha Bancroft, Nick Bear, Jim Finlayson, Robert Hill, Richard Isicoff, Hoot Thompson, Storage Technologies Knowledge Based Center, Department of Defense (paper)
Open Storage Managements Software for Linux
Matthew O'Keefe, University of Minnesota
What SANs can learn from LANs
Jim Hughes, StorageTek (photo)
April: A Run-Time Library for Tape-Resident Data
Gokhan Memik, Mahmut T. Kandemir, Alok Choudhary, Valerie E. Taylor, Northwestern University (paper, photo)
Performance of an MPI-IO Implementation Using Third-Party Transfer
Richard Hedges, Terry Jones, John May, R. Kim Yates, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (paper, photo)
Implementation of a Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Network-Attached Storage Device
Ashish Raniwala, Srikant Sharma, Anindya Neogi, Tzi-cker Chiueh, State University of New York at Stony Brook (paper, photo)
Data Management
Access Coordination of Tertiary Storage for High Energy Physics Applications
Luis M. Bernardo, Arie Shoshani, Alexander Sim, Henrik Nordberg, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (paper, photo)
DataCutter: Middleware for Filtering Very Large Scientific Datasets on Archival Storage Systems
Michael Beynon, Renato Ferreira, Tahsin Kurc, Alan Sussman, University of Maryland, and Joel Saltz, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions (paper, photo)
Towards Mass Storage Systems with Object Granularity
Koen Holtman, CERN EP division, Peter van der Stok, Eindhoven University of Technology, Ian Willers, CERN EP division (paper, photo)
File Systems 1
The InTENsity PowerWall: A Case Study for a Shared File System Testing Framework
Alex Elder, Thomas M. Ruwart, Benjamin D. Allen, Angela Bartow, Sarah E. Anderson, David H. Porter, University of Minnesota (paper, photo)
Alternatives of Implementing a Cluster File Systems
Yoshitake Shinkai, Yoshihiro Tsuchiya, Takeo Murakami, Fujitsu Laboratories LTD, Jim Williams, Amdahl Corporation (paper, photo)
StorHouse/Relational Manager (RM) Active Storage Hierarchy Database System and Applications
Felipe Cariño Jr., John Burgess, FileTek (paper, photo)
Fault Tolerant Design in the Earth Observing Systems Archive
Alla Lake, Jonathan Crawford, Raymond Simanowith, Bradley Koenig, Lockheed Martin (paper, photo)
Connection of a Climate Model Database and Mass Storage Archive(s)
Michael Lautenschlager, Hannes Thiemann, Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum GmbH (paper, photo)
New Prospects for Electrostatic Data Storage Systems
Alexander N. Korotkov, Konstantin K. Likharev, State University of New York at Stony Brook (paper, photo)
Tertiary Storage Organization for Large Multidimensional Datasets
Sachin More, Alok Choudhary, Northwestern University (paper, photo)
Ferroelectric Molecular Optical Storage Nanotechnology
Michael E. Thomas, Colossal Storage (paper)
A Stack Model Based Replacement Policy for a Non-Volatile Write Cache
Jehan-François Paris, University of Houston, Theodore R. Haining, Darrell D. E. Long, University of California, Santa Cruz (paper, photo)
Switched FC-AL: An Arbitrated Loop Attachment for Fibre Channel Switches
Vishal Sinha and David H.C. Du, University of Minnesota (paper, photo)
Evaluating Backup Algorithms
Zachary Kurmas, Georgia Tech, Ann L. Chervenak, USC Information Sciences Institute (paper, photo)
An Overview of Version 0.9.5 Proposed SCSI Device Locks
Andrew Barry, Mike Tilstra, Matthew O'Keefe, University of Minnesota, Kenneth Preslan, Sistina Software, Gerry Houlder, Jim Koomes, Seagate Technology, James Wayda, Dot Hills Systems Corporation (paper, photo)
A Scalable Architecture for Maximizing Concurrency
Jonathan M. Crawford, Lockheed Martin Space Operations (paper, photo)
Emerging Technologies
Using Track-Following Servo Technology on LTO Tape Drives
Randy Glissmann, Fujitsu Computer Products of America (paper, photo)
Optical Head Design for 1TB Capacity Optical Tape Drive
Mahdad Manavi, Aaron Wegner, Qi-Ze Shu, Yeou-Yen Cheng, LOTS Technology, Inc. (paper, photo)
A Portable Tape Driver Architecture
Curtis Anderson, TurboLinux (paper, photo)
Invited Panel: The Future of Current Mass Storage Technologies
Magnetic Tape
Ted Schwarz, Peregrine Technology Systems (notes, photo)
Magnetic Disk
Ed Grochowski, IBM Almaden Research Center (photo)
Optical Storage
Koichi Sadashige, Sadashige Associates (paper, photo)
Site Reports
EOSDIS Archive and Distribution Systems in 2000
Jeanne Behnke, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Alla Lake, Lockheed Martin (paper, photo)
Mass Storage System Upgrades at the NASA Center for Computational Sciences
Adina Tarshish, Ellen Salmon, Medora Macie, NASA Center for Computational Sciences, Marty Saletta, Raytheon (paper, photo)
Data Volume Proliferation in the 21st Century: The Challenges Faced by the NOAA National Data Centers (NNDC)
John Jensen, John Kinsfather, Parmesh Dwivedi, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Environmental Satellite and Information Services (paper, photo)
File systems 2
Implementing Journaling in a Linux Shared Disk File System
AKenneth W. Preslan, Sistina Software, Inc., Andrew Barry, Jonathan Brassow, Russell Cattelan, Adam Manthei, Erling Nygaard, Seth Van Oort, David Teigland, Mike Tilstra, and Matthew O'Keefe, University of Minnesota, Grant Erickson, Brocade Communications, Manish Agarwal, Veritas Software (paper, photo)
Design for a Decentralized Security System for Network Attached Storage
William Freeman, Ethan Miller, University of Maryland (paper, photo)
Jiro Storage Management
Bruce K. Haddon, William H. Connor, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (paper, photo)
A Blueprint for Representation Information in the OAIS Model
David Holdsworth, Derek M. Sergeant, The University of Leeds (paper, photo)
Project 1244: IEEE Storage System Standards
John L. Cole, United States Army Research Laboratory (paper, notes, photo)
Nascent Promises: Holographic Storage
Compact Holographic Read/Write Memory
Wenhai Liu, Demetri Psaltis, California Institute of Technology (paper, photo)
Research on Holographic Data Storage at IBM
Hans Coufal, IBM Almaden Research Center (photo)
High Density Holographic Data Storage
Lisa Dhar, Kevin Curtis, Arturo Hale, Melinda Schnoes, William Wilson, Michael Tackitt, Adrian Hill, Marcia Schilling, Howard Katz, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies (paper, photo)
Advantages of the CROP Technology in Aprilis Photopolymer Recording Media for High Performance Holographic Storage Systems
David Waldman, Aprilis, Inc. (photo)
Vendor Presentations
Are you ready for yottabyte?
Felipe Carino Jr., FileTek, Inc. (paper, photo)
All the Data All the Time: Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Attached Network (SAN) interoperability
Phil Cooke, Auspex Systems (notes, photo)
The Road to Centralized Management: Realizing the Promise of SANs
Bill North, Veritas Software (notes, photo)

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