IEEE Computer Society

22nd IEEE - 13th NASA Goddard (MSST2005) Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies

April 11-14, 2005
Monterey Marriott
Monterey, CA

Sponsored by the
Mass Storage Systems Technical Committee (MSSTC)
in cooperation with the
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Papers and Presentations

Chair, Jack Cole
StorCloud - A Heterogeneous Petabyte Storage Initiative
Michael Knowles (video 1, video 2)
SAN, HPSS, Sam-QFS, and GPFS technology in use at SDSC
Bryan Banister
Trade-offs in Protecting Storage: A Meta-Data Comparison of Cryptographic, Backup/Versioning, Immutable/Tamper-Proof, and Redundant Storage Solutions
Joe Tucek (paper)
Storage Encryption algorithms and standards
James Hughes
Welcome and Keynote
Chair, Merritt Jones / Jim Hughes

T.E. Schlesinger
Professor and Head
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

Information Storage and Nanotechnology

The slowdown in areal density increases that have been observed in
engineered systems such as magnetic hard disk drives may lead some
to believe that we are approaching the end of further significant
improvements in information storage technology. In this
presentation, I will argue that not only is this not the case it is
in fact more likely that new paradigms that exploit nanotechnology,
namely, the ability to manipulate materials and devices at the
nanoscale in a deterministic manner will allow for many orders of
magnitude increases in information storage densities. In addition
the integration of information storage and processing will allow
for new IT architectures that will make possible applications and
have societal impacts that we can only begin to imagine today.
File Systems
Chair, Jim Hughes
Parallel File System Testing for the Lunatic Fringe: the care and feeding of restless I/O Power Users
Richard Hedges, Bill Loewe, Tyce McLarty, Chris Morrone (paper)
Exporting Storage Systems in a Scalable Manner with pNFS
Dean Hildebrand, Peter Honeyman (paper)
QoS Provisioning Framework for OSD-based Storage System
Yingping Lu, David H.C. Du, Thomas Ruwart (paper)
Chair, PC Hariharan
Mitigating Risk of Data Loss in Preservation Environments
Reagan W. Moore, Joseph F. JaJa, Robert Chadduck (paper)
Richer File System Metadata Using Links and Attributes
Alexander Ames, Nikhil Bobb, Scott A. Brandt, Adam Hiatt, Carlos Maltzahn, Ethan L. Miller, Alisa Neeman, Deepa Tuteja (paper)
A Novel Update Propagation Module for the Data Provenance Problem: A Contemplating Vision on Realizing Data Provenance from Models to Storage
Abed Elhamid Lawabni, Changjin Hong, David H.C. Du, Ahmed H. Tewfik (paper)
Site Reports
Chair, Steve Louis
Fermilab's Multi-Petabyte Scalable Mass Storage System
Gene Oleynik, Bonnie Alcorn, Wayne Baisley, Jon Bakken, David Berg, Eileen Berman, Chih-Hao Huang, Terry Jones, Robert D. Kennedy, Alexander Kulyavtsev, Alexander Moibenko, Timur Perelmutov, Don Petravick, Vladimir Podstavkov, George Szmuksta, Michael Zalokar (paper)
EOSDIS Petabyte Archives
J. Behnke, T. Watts, B. Kobler, D. Lowe, S. Fox, and R. Meyer (paper)
The Design and Evolution of Jefferson Lab's Jasmine Mass Storage System
Bryan Hess, Michael Haddox-Schatz, M. Andrew Kowalski (paper)
Chair, Tom Ruwart
Scaling a Global File System to the Greatest Possible Extent, Performance, Capacity, and Number of Users
Phil Andrews, Bryan Banister, Patricia Kovatch, Chris Jordan, Roger Haskin (paper)
Storage-based Intrusion Detection for Storage Area Networks (SANs)
Mohammad Banikazemi, Dan Poff, Bulent Abali (paper)
Violin: A Framework for Extensible Block-level Storage
Michail D. Flouris, Angelos Bilas (paper)
Mass Storage Systems
Chair, Gene Harano
High Performance Storage System Scalability: Architecture, Implementation and Experience
Richard Watson (paper)
An Architecture for Lifecycle Management in Very Large File Systems
Akshat Verma, Upendra Sharma, Jim Rubas, David Pease, Marc Kaplan, Rohit Jain, Murthy Devaralonda, Mandis Beigi (paper)
Steve Cranage (paper)
Short Papers
Chair, Robert Chadduck
A Hybrid Access Model for Storage Area Networks
Aameek Singh, Kaladhar Voruganti, Sandeep Gopisetty, David Pease, Ling Liu (paper)
Impact of Failure on Interconnection Networks for Large Storage Systems
Qin Xin, Ethan L. Miller, Thomas J. E. Schwarz, S. J., Darrell D. E. Long (paper)
Scalable, Reliable Mashalling and Organization of Distributed Large Scale Data onto Enterprise Storage Environments
Joseph JaJa, Mike Smorul, Fritz McCall, Yang Wang (paper)
Using MEMS-based Storage to Boost Disk Performance
Feng Wang, Bo Hong, Scott A. Brandt, Darrell D. E. Long (paper)
Evaluation of Advanced TCP Stacks in the iSCSI Environment using Simulation Model
Girish Motwani, K. Gopinath (paper)
StorageDB: Enhancing the Storage Sub-system with DBMS Functionalities
L. Qiao, B. Iyer, D. Agrawal, A. El Abbadi, and S. Uttamchandani (paper)
Communicating Quality of Service Requirements to an Object-Based Storage Device
Kevin Kleinosowski, Tom Ruwart, David J. Lilja (paper)
Beyond the Storage Area Network: Data Intensive Computing in a Distributed Environment
D. Duffy, N. Acks, V. Noga, T. Schardt, J. Gary, B. Fink, B. Kobler, M. Donovan, J. McElvaney, and K. Kamischke (paper)
Predictive Reduction of Power and Latency (PuRPLe)
Matthew Craven, Ahmed Amer (paper)
Slash - The Scalable Lightweight Storage Heirarchy
P. Nowoczynski, N. Stone, J. Sommerfield, B. Gill, and J. Scott (paper)
Efficient Access Control for Distributed Hierarchical File Systems
Kristal T. Pollack, Scott A. Brandt (paper)
Performance Evaluation of Commodity iSCSI-based Storage Systems
Dimitrios Xinidis, Angelos Bilas, Michail D. Flouris (paper)
Security vs Performance: Tradeoffs using a Trust Framework
Aameek Singh, Kaladhar Voruganti, Sandeep Gopisetty, David Pease, Linda Duyanovich, Ling Liu (paper)
Fault Recovery Designs for Processor-Embedded Distributed Storage Architectures with I/O-Intensive DB Workloads
Steve C. Chiu, Alok N. Choudhary, Mahmut T. Kandemir (paper)
Dynamic Storage Resource Management Framework for the Grid
H. Wong, Y. Wilson, H. Yeo, D. Wang, Z. Li, K. Leong, and K. Yong (paper)
Work In Progress / Extemporaneous Talks
Chair, Ethan Miller / Jim Hughes
A Data Storage Language for the Requirements of Rebels and Misfits
Arun Jagatheesan, SDSC / University of Florida
Optimizing Reasonably Secure Long Distance Data Transfer
ManfredStolle, Zuse Institute Berlin
Automatic Storage Allocation Using Fuzzy Control
Philip Derbeko, SANRAD
Testing the Archivas Cluster (ArC) for Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) Scientific Data Storage
Curt Tilmes, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Rapid Remote File System Benchmark on Long Fat Network and User ID Mapping Function
Naoyuki Fujita, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
LiFSBrowse - a Visual, User Environment for the Linking File System
Sasha Ames, University of California, Santa Cruz
ASC Application Access Pattern
Tyce McLarty, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
File Triggers
Nikhil Bobb, Scott Brandt, Carlos Maltzahn, Ethan Miller, University of California, Santa Cruz
Birds of a Feather - top100io
Chair, Jack Cole/Ben Kobler/Tom Ruwart/Gary Sobol
Chair, Jean Bedet
Mass Storage System Performance Prediction Using a Trace-Driven Simulator
Bill Anderson (paper)
Performance Impact of External Vibration on Consumer-Grade and Enterprise-Class Disk Drives
Tom Ruwart, Yingping Lu (paper)
The Relevance of Long-Range Dependence in Disk Traffic and Implications for Trace Synthesis
Bo Hong, Tara M. Madhyastha (paper)
Emerging Technology Panel
Chair, Dick Watson
panel members

Dave Anderson
Kevin Curtis
Mark Gary
Aloke Guha
Gordon Hughes
Glen Jaquette
Vendor Talks
Tuning MAID Storage for Backup and Archive Data
Aloke Guha, COPAN
Storing, Accessing and Managing Multi-Petabyte Data Sets
Geoffrey Wehrman, SGI
Efficient Data Path Object Migration for a Highly Available, Scalable IP SAN
Bob Gilligan, Intransa
HP StorageWorks Grid: Architecture for Scalable Information Storage
Pankaj Mehra
Validating SAN Changes with Onaro's SANscreen
Raphael Yahalom
Making Removable Disk Technology a Reality - Creating a New Disk/Tape Scalable Storage Model
Hossein ZiaShakeri
Using Grid-Computing Architecture to Solve the Information Storage Dilemma
Jean-Luc Chatelain
Information Security Demands a Layered Approach in IP SANs
Gary Smith
Darwin Meets Data Storage: Backup Diverges into Televaulting
Gary Smith
Overland Storage
Jamie Ernst
Benefits of using iSCSI within SANs
Melissa Cohen
RXT Sabre: Combining the Best of Tape and Disk in Data Protection
Spectra Logic

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