30th International Conference
on Massive Storage Systems
and Technology (MSST 2014)

Santa Clara, California, USA
June 2 — 6, 2014

Sponsored by Santa Clara University,
Computer Engineering Department

Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society

2014 Conference

Santa Clara University

MSST (2014) will dedicate a full week to computer-storage technology, including a day of tutorials, two days of invited papers, and two days of peer-reviewed research papers. The conference will be held on the beautiful campus of Santa Clara University, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The conference will be technically co-sponsored by IEEE Computer Society, and papers will be indexed in IEEE's Xplore Digital Library.

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Monday, June 2nd
Ceph Tutorial (Presentation)
— Knowledge of storage concepts
— Basic tcp/ip understanding
— Basic Linux admin and command line

This course provides a full and concise introduction of the Ceph storage system and a simplified hands-on experience installing and configuring a Ceph Storage Cluster.After completing this course, the learner will have an overall understanding of the Ceph distributed storage system, and its major components: the Ceph Storage Cluster (RADOS), the Ceph Object Gateway (RGW), the Ceph Block Device (RBD), and the Ceph File System (CephFS).
Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Ceph history and components
Module 3: Ceph data placement (CRUSH & pools)
Module 4: Ceph Object Storage (RADOS)
Module 5: Ceph Block Storage (aka Rados BlockDevice)
Module 6: Ceph File System (CephFS)
Module 7: Creating a Ceph Cluster
Kinetic Open Storage Tutorial
Learn how to download, install, write programs, and modify the Seagate Open Storage solution. Test against the simulator and drives. Finally, see how Kinetic can be used for Ceph Object storage. The requirements of this tutorial is a laptop that can run Java and, for the Ceph demonstration, a laptop that can run a Linux virtual machine.

Tuesday, June 3rd
RAMCloud and the Low-Latency Datacenter (Abstract, Presentation)
Professor John Ousterhout, Stanford University
Disks in Action
Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform (Presentation)
James Hughes, Principal Technologist, Seagate
ZFS on SMR Drives: Enabling Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR)
for Enterprises
(Abstract, Presentation)
Robert Novak, Nexenta Systems
Scalable Web Site Design
Storage Infrastructure for Backing Up Into the Cloud (Abstract, Presentation)
Gleb Budman, CEO, Backblaze
Building a Scalable Web Site for Geneological Research (Presentation)
Deal Daly, VP, Information Technology & Jordan Nielsen, Storage Architect, Ancestry.com
Panel: Media for Long-Term Archiving
Henry Newman, Instrumental, Moderator
Joe Lampitt, Oracle — Tape (Presentation)
Marty Czekalski, Seagate — Disk, Flash (Presentation)
Ken Wood, Hitachi — Optical (Presentation)
David Pease, IBM — Tape (Presentation)
Joshua Tinker, Seagate — Disk (Presentation)
Bruce Moxon, Samsung — Flash (Presentation)
Big Data Hardware and Software
Meeting the Big Data Challenges of Climate Science through
Cloud-Enabled Climate-Analytics-as-a-Service
(Abstract, Presentation)
Daniel Duffy and John Schnase, NASA Goddard
Lightning Talks
Managing an Archive with Metrics (Presentation)
Bill Anderson, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Blurring the Lines of Compute and Storage (Presentation)
Molly Rector, Data Direct Networks
Storage Data Analysis with Nirvana SRB (Presentation)
Martin Margo, General Atomics

Wednesday, June 4th
Enterprise Data Center Scalability
Scalable Digital Data Center Design (Abstract, Presentation)
Russ McElroy, eBay
Bringsel, File System Benchmarking and Load Simulation in HPC Technical Environments (Abstract, Presentation)
John Kaitschuck, Cray, Inc.
Application Issues in Large-Scale Storage Systems
"Bigomics": Challenges and Promises in Large Scale Sequencing Projects
(Abstract, Presentation)
Ted Wong, Illumina
Scalability Challenges in Large-Scale Tape Environments (Abstract, Presentation)
Jason Hick, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Panel: Openstack Storage Challenges
Sean Roberts, Yahoo!, Moderator
Sage Weil, Inktank
Manju Ramanathpura, Hitachi Data Systems
Greg Elkinbard, Mirantis
Leveraging New Persistent Memory Technologies for Scalability
Time to Rethink (Almost) Everything: Scalable Storage Systems for
Fast Non-Volatile Memories
(Abstract, Presentation)
Steven Swanson, University of California, San Diego
Inside the Pure Storage Flash Array: Building a High Performance, Data Reducing Storage System from Commodity SSDs (Abstract)
Ethan Miller, University of California, Ethan Miller
Panel: Programming Models and Hardware Interfaces for
Storage Class Memories
Matthew O'Keefe, Hitachi Data Systems, Moderator
Andy Rudoff, Intel (Presentation)
Anirudh Badam, Microsoft Research (Presentation)
Jeff Layton, Intel (Presentation)
Zvonimir Bandic, HGST (Presentation)
Lightning Talks
Scaling up Graph Search Performance in Hardware …
to unlock the true potential of Big Data
Amar Shan, YarcData, Inc.

Thursday, June 5th
Solid State Storage I
Analytical Modeling of Garbage Collection Algorithms in
Hotness-aware Flash-based Solid State Drives
(Paper, Presentation)
Yue Yang and Jianwen Zhu
Mobius: A High Performance Transactional SSD with Rich Primitives
(Paper, Presentation)
Wei Shi, Dongsheng Wang, Zhanye Wang and Dapeng Ju
PLC-Cache: Endurable SSD Cache for Deduplication-based Primary
(Paper, Presentation)
Jian Liu, Yunpeng Chai, Xiao Qin, and Yuan Xiao
File Systems I
MorphStore: A Local File System for Big Data with Utility-driven
Replication and Load-adaptive Access Scheduling
(Paper, Presentation)
Eric Villasenor, Jagadeesh Dyaberi, Tim Pritchett, Vijay Pai and Mithuna Thottethodi
Jericho: Achieving Scalability through Optimal Data
Placement on Multicore systems.
(Paper, Presentation)
Stelios Mavridis, Yannis Sfakianakis, Anastasios Papagiannis, Manolis Marazakis and Angelos Bilas
HiSMRfs – a High Performance File System for Shingled Storage Array
(Paper, Presentation)
Chao Jin, Weiya Xi, Zhi Yong Ching, Feng Huo and Chun Teck Lim
Panel: Shingled Disk Drives—File System Vs. Autonomous Block Device
Zvonimir Bandic, HGST, Moderator (Presentation)
Ahmed Amer, Santa Clara University (Presentation)
Robert Novak, Nexenta systems (Presentation)
NVMs and Impact on Storage Software Stack
Tyche: An efficient Ethernet-based protocol for converged networked storage
(Paper, Presentation)
Pilar Gonzalez-Ferez and Angelos Bilas
A Protected Block Device for Persistent Memory (Paper, Presentation)
Feng Chen, Michael Mesnier and Scott Hahn
File Systems II
The Case for Sampling on Very Large File Systems (Paper, Presentation)
George Goldberg, Danny Harnik and Dmitry Sotnikov
Virtualization-aware Access Control for Multitenant Filesystems (Paper, Presentation)
Giorgos Kappes, Andromachi Hatzieleftheriou and Stergios Anastasiadis

Friday, June 6th
Solid State Storage II
Exploiting Parallelism in IO Scheduling with Conflict Minimization for
Solid State Drives (Paper, Presentation)
Congming Gao, Liang Shi, Mengying Zhao, Chun Jason Xue, Kaijie Wu and Edwin H-M. Sha
CBM: A Cooperative Buffer Management for SSD (Paper, Presentation)
Qingsong Wei, Cheng Chen and Jun Yang
H-ARC: A Non-Volatile Memory Based Cache Policy for Solid State Drives
(Paper, Presentation)
Ziqi Fan, David Du and Doug Voigt
CR5M: A Mirroring-Powered Channel-RAID5 Architecture for An SSD
(Paper, Presentation)
Yu Wang, Wei Wang, Tao Xie, Wen Pan, Yanyan Gao and Yiming Ouyang
Error Correcting Coding Techniques
Toward I/O-Efficient Protection Against Silent Data Corruptions in RAID Arrays
(Paper, Presentation)
Mingqiang Li and Patrick P. C. Lee
NAND Flash Architectures Reducing Write Amplification Through
Multi-Write Codes
(Paper, Presentation)
Saher Odeh and Yuval Cassuto
Improving Min-sum LDPC Decoding Throughput by Exploiting Intra-cell
Bit Error Characteristic in MLC NAND Flash Memory
(Paper, Presentation)
Wenzhe Zhao, Hongbin Sun, Minjie Lv, Guiqiang Dong, Nanning Zheng and Tong Zhang
System Performance
Anode: Empirical Detection of Performance Problems in Storage Systems
using Time-Series Analysis of Periodic Measurements
(Paper, Presentation)
Vipul Mathur, Cijo George and Jayanta Basak
SSD-Optimized Workload Placement with Adaptive Learning and
Classification in HPC Environments
(Paper, Presentation)
Lipeng Wan, Zheng Lu, Qing Cao, Feiyi Wang, Sarp Oral and Bradley Settlemyer
Automatic Generation of Behavioral Hard Disk Drive Access Time Models
(Paper, Presentation)
Adam Crume, Carlos Maltzahn, Lee Ward, Thomas Kroeger and Matthew Curry
Client-aware Cloud Storage (Paper, Presentation)
Feng Chen, Michael Mesnier and Scott Hahn
Deduplication and Tape Systems
DedupT: Deduplication for Tape Systems (Paper, Presentation)
Abdullah Gharaibeh, Cornel Constantinescu, Maohua Lu, Ramani Routray, Anurag Sharma, Prasenjit Sarkar, David Pease and Matei Ripeanu
Advanced Magnetic Tape Technology for Linear Tape Systems: Barium
ferrite technology beyond the limitation of metal particulate media

(Paper, Presentation)
Osamu Shimizu, Takeshi Harasawa and Hitoshi Noguchi

2014 Organizers             

Conference Chair     Dr. Sam Coleman
Tutorial Chair     Sean Roberts
Program Chair     Dr. Matthew O'Keefe
Program Committee             
Research General Chair     Dr. Ethan Miller
Research Track Co-Chairs     Dr. Zvonimir Bandic, Dr. Thomas Schwarz
Research Track Program Committee             
SCU Arrangements     Dr. Ahmed Amer
Vendor Chair     Ben Kobler

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